Friday, June 23, 2006

Dear Readers,

We stated previously that we hope to settle in atleast 30 familes by mid June 2006. There has been a slight delay in this process due to the 30 houses not being fully completed and also due to a delay in obtaining Divisional Secretariat approval for the 30 families chosen. We hope to have everything sorted out, so that the families can be settled in by atleast the first week of July 2006.

As water is a mandatory requirement, the Federation Housing Construction Committee (FHCC) of Kathankudy has initiated the construction of the first Tube Well in one house (pictures attached). As this has come out successfully, they are now in the process of constructing a tube well per house. This also should be ready in time for the settling in of the recipients in July.

We will keep the general readership informed in due course.


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