Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 2008 - New Year Update!

A Very Happy New Year to all our donors, benefactors, friends and prospective others!!

Two members from our club visited our Housing site in Kathankudy, Batticaloa on the 7th and 8th of December 2007. As we informed you in our last write up, we had stalled our construction work due to the unrest in the area which ultimately caused our contractor to abandon this project.

Now, after a lapse of over 8 months, we resumed work with a new contractor and are in the process of completing these houses in stages.

As at now we have completed and handed over 32 houses to selected recipients.

The contractor was in the process of constructing 12 houses in the next batch. When our members visited the site, they were officially handed over the keys to six completed houses. They proceeded to inspect them and the unfinished six and found them to be in good, satisfactory condition. We also noticed a few problems being faced by the contractor and recipients of the land. As such we will request the local government officers to look into them and assist accordingly.

The keys to the completed houses were officially handed over to selected recipients in an informal ceremony at the Club’s weekly general meeting held on 03rd January 2008 at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo.

The keys to the remaining 6 houses will be handed over to us on 10th February 2008, after which we will hand them over chosen recipients.

Thereafter, the contractor will commence work on the next phase.

We will keep you posted in due course.

Thank you,

Housing Committee

Housing Recipients - Hosted to Lunch at Regency General Meeting in Colombo

Housing Recipients - Greeting Regency Rotarians in Katthankudy

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Kathankudy Housing Project - STATUS REPORT!

The Kathankudy Housing Project had to temporary suspended operations late last year due to the prevailing unrest and war condition in the North and East of the country. As a consequence of this militant state, traversing to and fro from there to Colombo became exceedingly difficult. Following on from this situation, and due also to the extensive rebuilding operations that took place post Tsunami, the cost of raw material and resources required for construction, including labour charges, increased by almost 45%. In light of all of these circumstances, the original contractor with whom we contracted, stepped down and refused to continue work, specially since all his hired labour were from Colombo.

Given this background, we are now in the process of negotiating with 4 other contractors with whom we want to try and complete this project. We commenced this project when the cost of constructing one house costed approximately LKR 700,000 (exclusive of VAT). However, at present, we have been given estimates for a cost of over LKR 1,000,000 per house. Given the increase in costs and given the funds we have at hand, we may not be in a position to complete all 72 houses as originally planned, unless we are able to obtain more funds.
We will post periodic updates on the blog.

Thank you.

Housing Committee

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kalutara Done! Project Report Completed!

Pictured Above - The Members of the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency after the Opening of the Kalutara - 15 Houses Project for Tsunami Victims.

Please click on below link for the Complete Project Report

(Note - File Size 2.5MB. For fast download, RightClick on link and select 'Save Target As' thereafter, select where you want file to be saved) -

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Katthankudy - Status as of 6th October 2006

At present, 30 houses have been completed and handed over to the Recipients. Please find their List of Names and some photographs taken on site attached for your information and perusal.
The remaining 20 houses of the First Phase of 52 houses have been temporarily suspended on account of the political situation and also due that area being inactive on account of "Idh" fasting, as this area is essentially a Muslim populated area.

We hope to resume work soon after fasting is over by about the 1st week of November, with the same contractor as before (ie. Building and Engineering). However, he will be provided with labour staff from the area, supplied by the Federation Housing Committee of Kathankudy.

We will keep you posted on future goings on, as and when it occurs.

Thank you,
Housing Committee

Katthankudy - List of Recipients

Katthankudy - Housing Recipients

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kalutara 15 Houses Project COMPLETED!!!

on Saturday, 5th August 2006 the 15 House Kalutara Housing Project was handed over to the recipients.

As the saying goes - "A picture speaks a thousand words"

Kalutara Housing Project - Update REPORT

Kalutara Housing Project - Update as of 19th July 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tube well being used.

Dear Readers,

We stated previously that we hope to settle in atleast 30 familes by mid June 2006. There has been a slight delay in this process due to the 30 houses not being fully completed and also due to a delay in obtaining Divisional Secretariat approval for the 30 families chosen. We hope to have everything sorted out, so that the families can be settled in by atleast the first week of July 2006.

As water is a mandatory requirement, the Federation Housing Construction Committee (FHCC) of Kathankudy has initiated the construction of the first Tube Well in one house (pictures attached). As this has come out successfully, they are now in the process of constructing a tube well per house. This also should be ready in time for the settling in of the recipients in July.

We will keep the general readership informed in due course.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kalutara Housing Project - Report!

The Following link will take you to an update report on the status of the KALUTARA Housing Project, which is being carried out on the West Coast of Sri Lanka.