Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 2008 - New Year Update!

A Very Happy New Year to all our donors, benefactors, friends and prospective others!!

Two members from our club visited our Housing site in Kathankudy, Batticaloa on the 7th and 8th of December 2007. As we informed you in our last write up, we had stalled our construction work due to the unrest in the area which ultimately caused our contractor to abandon this project.

Now, after a lapse of over 8 months, we resumed work with a new contractor and are in the process of completing these houses in stages.

As at now we have completed and handed over 32 houses to selected recipients.

The contractor was in the process of constructing 12 houses in the next batch. When our members visited the site, they were officially handed over the keys to six completed houses. They proceeded to inspect them and the unfinished six and found them to be in good, satisfactory condition. We also noticed a few problems being faced by the contractor and recipients of the land. As such we will request the local government officers to look into them and assist accordingly.

The keys to the completed houses were officially handed over to selected recipients in an informal ceremony at the Club’s weekly general meeting held on 03rd January 2008 at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo.

The keys to the remaining 6 houses will be handed over to us on 10th February 2008, after which we will hand them over chosen recipients.

Thereafter, the contractor will commence work on the next phase.

We will keep you posted in due course.

Thank you,

Housing Committee

Housing Recipients - Hosted to Lunch at Regency General Meeting in Colombo

Housing Recipients - Greeting Regency Rotarians in Katthankudy