Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kattankudy Housing Project: Housing Committee meets with FHSC Rep

Pursuant to our previous update, the Housing Committee (HC) met up with Mr. M. Hanif Sattar who will be mediating between the Federation Housing Scheme Committee (FHSC) and the RCCR during the pendency of this project. We had a few clarifications that we needed cleared up, to which end he proved very helpful and provided us with the information we needed to go ahead.

The discussion catered around the ‘pre-construction checklist’ prepared by the HC (details of which were posted previously). Particular emphasis was given to issues relating to the preparation of the survey plan, the contour plan, the individual house plans, overall site layout plan, minimum plot size, cost per house, existing infrastructure, water, electricity, other facilities – ie. related to the ‘village concept’, site supervisor etc.

At present both the Survey and Contour Plans are in the process of being prepared.

Mr. Al Haj U. L. A. Mohideen, the donor of the land in Kathankudy, has agreed to hand over the land to the RCCR, subsequent to individual Title Deeds being given to each recipient.

For more details on the Project click on Kattankudy Housing Project link.

Our 2 Housing Projects

The Regency club board yesterday decided to accept a further proposal made by Rtn. Harsha to rebuild 15 houses in Kalutara.

With this additional project under housing the total amount of houses will rebuild is 87 ( 72 of which as you all know is in Kathankudy in the east coast). It was decided that we will allocate funds which we have already collected and those which we are in the process of collecting in a proportion of Kathankudy 5 : Kalutara 1 . With this it is possible for both projects to start simaltaneously, however with the need to raise the shortfall.

It was also agreed that an implentation guideline be established by the board so that both housing committees can meet set criteria to ensure proper execution of the project. We also invite interested donors and members to query anything that they feel is necessary, since both these projects will be carried out applying the highest of ethics, professionalism, and transperancy - and I am sure no one expects any less from a Rotarian.

As at now we need to target fundraising for USD 70,000 to finish these 87 houses. At today's club meeting President Mario annoucned that we have received a pledge for USD 7000 and we also received donations through the efforts of honourary member Rtn. Ross amounting to USD 7254.-. So our task has been made a little easier.

We hope that you will take the time to read the following 2 blog posts in which have given links to PDF files of the project proposals for each of the 2 housing projects. What we also hope is that you will spread the word and help us complete our task of giving back homes to 87 families.

Please keep reading this site to find out how we are progressing with our fundraising, and the current status on each of these two projects.

Kattankudy Housing Project

The Project Proposal for the Sahana Housing Project in Kattankudy (Eastern Coast)

This is a PDF Document

Kalutara Housing Project

The Project Proposal for the Housing Project in Kalutara (South Western Coast)

This is a PDF Document

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Latest on the Housing Reconstruction Project

As promised in our last update, we are now able to provide more details on the Kathankudy Housing project. The Housing reconstruction committee has been working on this project, where 72 houses will be built on a block of privately owned land donated for this purpose by a well wisher in Kathankudy, in the Batticaloa district. Our original aim was to construct 100 houses. Since the land extent available at Kathankudy allows us to only build 72 houses, we are committed to build the balance 28 elsewhere, provided we have sufficient funding. In this regard, we already have a project proposal for 15 houses in the South of the country.

Some local businessmen in Kathankudy have formed themselves into a committee called the Federation Housing Scheme Committee (FHSC). Our club will be working/coordinating with this committee in doing the project.

The land donated by this well-wisher will be divided into individual plots and Deeds will be handed over to each individual recipient. The recipients will be selected using the following criteria by our Club and the FHSC:

Widows with young children where the father is missing/unaccounted for;
Orphans with an older brother/sister capable of looking after them;
Families with infants and young children with no means of getting a house through other schemes in the area.

Taking into account the rising cost of construction material, resources etc., currently it is estimated that the construction of a house would cost approximately 6000 USD. This includes cost of construction, utilities, sewerage etc. Based on this costing, the RCCR currently has sufficient funds to construct only 50 houses. Hence, assistance is urgently required in order to enable us to construct the remaining 22 houses.

The main reason why it was decided to construct a large number of houses in one area was because the greatest impact can be created if a ‘Township’ is constructed, which can be named a “Rotary Village”. Furthermore, the construction cost rises higher if a lesser number of houses are constructed, due to quantities of scale.

With the assistance of prospective Rotarian and Director of the firm of Chartered Architects, Kahawita De Silva & Associates (Pvt.) Ltd., Nilesh de Silva [BA (Hons) ARCH (UK); BARCH (UK)], the following ‘pre-construction checklist’ has been compiled to get the project underway.


1) Approvals need to obtained – ie. UDA etc.
2) Survey Plan
3) Contour Plan
4) Site Layout Plan
5) Typical Ground Floor Plan
6) Typical Ground Floor Elevation
7) Typical Rear Elevation
8) Typical Section
9) Sewerage Network Plan
10) Storm Water and Water Supply Network Plan
11) Setting Out Plan
12) Roof Plan
13) Door Window Schedule
14) Electrical Layout
15) Plumbing Line Diagram
16) Schedule of Finishes
17) Foundation Layout and Details

** The above drawings will be submitted with a detailed BOQ and Tender Documents. Subsequent to which, the following will be done:

a) Letters of Intent to be given by interested Contractors;
b) 30% Mobilisation Guarantee Fee to be given prior to commencing construction;
c) Performance Bond signed and commencement of work

We will keep you updated on the progress of construction in due course.