Friday, May 26, 2006

Status Report - Katthankudy - May '06

Just to keep the General Readership informed of the current Status of the Kathankudy Housing Project:
In light of the Current Political clime and ongoing militant disturbances in the North and East, the Kathankudy Housing Committee held an URGENT Conference Call yesterday with the contractor, Mr. Bernard, in order to assess the ground situation.
Mr. Bernard informed us that there had been a claymore attack about 200m from our site last evening killng 4 policemen. There is no imminent danger to his workers, who number about 140 at present. However, they are all obviously nervous and agitated . Therefore, he urged us to try and move in even a few families AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that the workers would feel more confident and get encouraged, as well as to ensure that the resource material on site would have security.
The Housing Committee has corresponded with the Federation Housing Construction Committee (FHCC) in Kathankudy and asked them to show the List of Recipients in their possession to the DS of the area and obtain his approval to settle atleast 30 families by mid June. The Housing Committee hopes to go for this 'informal' inauguration, IF the security situation permits it. Failing which, we will ask the FHCC to intercede on our behalf and settle the families in.
If the situation worsens and the workmen are forced to leave the site, the Housing Committee has also requested the FHCC to be prepared to take the resource material on site into their custody and safe keeping.
Housing Committee

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

CURRENT STATUS QUO: Katthankudy, Batticaloa

CURRENT STATUS QUO: Katthankudy, Batticaloa as of 16th May 2006

A) 52 Houses - Foundation Complete
B) 02 Houses - Upto Roof Level Complete
C) 04 Houses - Upto Window Level Complete

D) 28 Houses Fully Complete

** We wish to inform all our donors that there has been an unavoidable delay in completing this project, due to the political situation prevalant in the North and East, which has caused great unrest and tension in these areas. The Constractors are working under very difficult circumstances having to contend with constant threats from the LTTE cardars and harassment (on account of constant check ups) from the Army Personnel as well. Our contractors are the only contractors left in the East, as all others have left due to the situation.

As things are we have fixed the following deadlines:

· 31st May 2006 – 30 Houses Complete;
· 30th June 2006 – An aggregate of 52 Houses Complete;
· 30th August 2006 – All 72 Houses Complete

Once we have completed 30 houses as mentioned above, we hope to settle the first batch of Recipients in them, to help alleviate some of the tension in the area. We hope and pray that with the Grace of God, that we may be able to successfully complete this project and hand the completed houses over to our much deserved and patient recipients.